Feed the Needy FAQs

    1. What is HappyDot.sg?
    2. HappyDot.sg is an exclusive online survey community for Singapore residents. We are a channel to voice your opinions on real issues that impact life in Singapore. Our survey topics range from hot-button issues and social trends to national concerns about housing, healthcare, employment and our aspirations for Singapore’s future.

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      For other queries about HappyDot.sg, do drop by here to know more about us!
    1. What are the steps required during the registration process?
      Step 1: Sign up through this link: https://www.happydot.sg/take-surveys-get-rewarded-wa/
      Step 2: Complete Welcome Survey via email and choose your Welcome Gift
      Step 3: Receive your Welcome Gift voucher in person from our appointed courier

      All new members must sign up through this campaign’s signup link and complete complete Step 3 by 13 September 2021 in order for HappyDot.sg to conclude on the final amount to be donated.
    3. What do I get for signing up?
      All new signups will receive a $10 Welcome Gift voucher! You get to choose between a The Choice or Takashimaya voucher. Besides that, your signup will result in $10 (or $20) being donated to Food from the Heart’s Community Food Pack programme.
      Sign up now and you get to play a big part in helping those in need too.
    1. What is this campaign about?
      Over the past few months, the team at HappyDot.sg noticed that more and more people were affected from the aftermath of Covid-19. Plus, Food from the Heart has recently made a public appeal for donations as their supplies are running low.

      Hence, besides giving new members $10 Welcome Gift vouchers, we have also decided to donate to Food from the Heart to help contribute to their Community Food Pack Programme.

      Give this article a read for more information about Feed the Needy with HappyDot.sg!
    1. What is Food from the Heart about?
      Food from the Heart is an IPC-status food charity that feeds the needy in Singapore. Their food distribution programmes are run with sustainable charity in mind. This means that they are committed to providing continued food security to their beneficiaries for as long as they need it.
    1. How much money is HappyDot.sg donating?
      For every new signup that has successfully completed the registration process (i.e. receive Welcome Gift), HappyDot.sg will donate up to $20 towards Food from the Heart’s Community Food Pack programme.

      The more members who join us, the more we donate!
      First 50 New Malay Members Next 100 New Malay Members
      HappyDot.sg donates $10 each HappyDot.sg donates $20 each

      Our goal for this campaign is to raise a total of $2,500 to feed the needy and have 150 new Malay members in our HappyDot.sg community!
      Give this article a read to find out how much has been raised thus far!
    1. Why am I receiving this image on WhatsApp?

      You probably received this image, along with a signup link, from your friends or family via WhatsApp, and they probably received it from their friends or family too!
      It all started when the HappyDot.sg sought help from fellow HappyDotters in the community to help spread the message around on WhatsApp.

      Do help us forward the message to as many friends and family members that fit our signup criteria so that we can achieve our goal of raising $2,500 for those in need!
    1. What are the criteria to join HappyDot.sg for this campaign?
      For this campaign, we are looking for:
      A. Malays
      B. Singaporeans or Permanent Residents
      C. Aged 15 years and above
      D. Able to read and speak English as our surveys are conducted only in English

      In the unfortunate event that you do not meet the above-mentioned criteria B to D, HappyDot.sg reserves the right to void your registration for this campaign.
    1. Why is this campaign only looking for Malays to signup?
      This is because we are currently lacking Malay members in our HappyDot.sg community 🙁
      Having sufficient members in each race is important as it helps to ensure that our survey results are robust and are nationally representative of the Singapore population!
    1. What if I am non-Malay? Can I still sign up?
      Non-Malays are also welcomed to join HappyDot.sg! You will still receive the $10 Welcome Gift voucher – all new members do!
      However, your signup will not count towards the total amount of funds to be donated to Food from the Heart as the race criteria has not been met.

      Rest assured that we do conduct campaigns for other groups as well – do keep a lookout for those in time to come 🙂
    1. What is the timeline for this campaign?
      Feed the Needy with HappyDot.sg registrations run from 26 July to 23 August 2021.
      The last date for registration is on 23 August 2021. Thus, do remember to signup before then!

      This campaign will officially end on 13 September 2021, or when the goal of raising $2,500 is achieved – depending on which happens first.
    1. Will I receive referral points for referring someone under this campaign?
      Referral points will not be awarded for referring friends and family who signed up under this campaign. However, your referral efforts will make a difference for those in need 🙂

      If you have any questions regarding the campaign, do drop us an email at Enquiry@HappyDot.sg and we’ll be happy to help.