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What I like most about HappyDot.sg is that I am able to do simple surveys, get points, and redeem vouchers! It is also important to know Singaporeans’ thoughts (on things) that impact us which will affect what we will need to do for the future of Singapore. -Shixian W. 40s, Female
So far, HappyDot.sg is the best survey company – surveys are straightforward and easy to understand. Plus, they offer a variety of vouchers, including E-Vouchers. No longer need to wait for vouchers to be delivered! Saves time and cost - Nurulashiqin Binte Jamain, 50s, Female
Offers a realistic account of how Singaporeans feel about current issues by posing relevant questions and presenting the results clearly and concisely. -Kee Seng, 30s, Male

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Here’s a preview of what our members have to say when it comes to retirement planning

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