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A community in Singapore, made for Singapore. A wealth of benefits await you when you participate in our community surveys.

Give your feedback about current social issues in Singapore and allow your voice to be heard! You get to redeem great vouchers while contributing to meaningful research tools. Be part of the community built by one of the best, trusted survey sites in Singapore.

A channel to share real views on topics that impact Singapore

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Share your opinions and redeem great vouchers or contribute to a good cause

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Joining the HappyDot.sg community is easy! Connect with fellow Singaporeans and express your opinions in a survey space where you can truly feel safe.

As a survey site in Singapore, we serve as a common ground for people from all walks of life to share their views. All you have to do is sign up, answer surveys to earn points, and use them to redeem great vouchers!

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Get rewarded with points to redeem exciting vouchers for each survey you complete!Simply answer meaningful surveys while standing in line or waiting for a ride.

Whether it’s about the emerging social issues in Singapore or national concerns about employment and healthcare, your feedback matters at HappyDot.sg. Earn rewards by taking part in our online surveys and help contribute to the goal of inspiring a happier Singapore.





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“Provided insights that broadened my horizons. Surveys are easy to do and the interface is easy to navigate! Interesting monthly infographics too!”


“Offers a realistic account of how Singaporeans feel about current issues by posing relevant questions and presenting the results clearly and concisely!”

Kee Seng

“I have been with HappyDot.sg since 2016 and I have received more than $40 worth of rewards so far! I highly recommend this community!”