Our Privacy Promise

At HappyDot.sg, maintaining the security and privacy of our members’ data is our top priority. We believe in being clear about how we manage your data and how your information is protected. Here is our privacy promise to you:

When handling your data, we will…
✔ Keep your information confidential, safe and secure.
✔ Ask for your consent for us to collect, use, disclose, process and retain your personal data.
✔ Keep your information for no longer than reasonably necessary in accordance with the PDPA.
✔ De-identify all survey responses during analysis. Your answers will be represented but will remain anonymous.
✔ Deal with any concerns about how we manage your personal data in an open and timely way.
✔ Fully outline how we handle it in clear and accessible language – head over to see our Privacy Policy for more details.

Rest assured that we will not sell or share your personal data or contact details to any third parties without your permission.

For queries on how your data is managed, drop us an email at DPO@HappyDot.sg.