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Happy New Year!

As we enter 2021 with great anticipation (hurray for Phase 3!), let’s pen down What Singapore Thinks about 2020’s Circuit Breaker (CB) period before the page is turned!

Singaporeans’ satisfaction levels during Circuit Breaker

Back then, half felt neutral and a third were satisfied with their time spent during the CB. Only 1 in 5 Singaporeans expressed dissatisfaction towards how they spent their time.

With that, we dived deeper to uncover what activities Singaporeans were engaged in during the CB.

Naturally, given the nature of activities one can only do at home, online activities, buying takeaways to eat at home, cooking, doing household chores, and snacking emerged as the top activities Singaporeans did more of during the CB.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans also started to pick up an interest in self-care! These include new activities such as self-improvement, sending gifts/food to others, taking naps or rest and exercise.

Well, what else has changed for Singaporeans during CB?

Even though many saw a decline in their social interaction with others and no changes in their physical and mental health, the majority still reported an increase in the amount of quality time spent with their family members.

Changing Times Ahead

As we exited the CB and Phase 3 has now begun, we find ourselves navigating through what we term as the ‘New Normal’.

Under this New Normal, let’s not grow complacent. We must continue to do our part in keeping the community safe for everyone. Besides adhering to current social distancing measures, you can also contribute by using the TraceTogether token!

If you have yet to collect yours, fret not.

You can always download the TraceTogether mobile app and do your part today!


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