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Transport is one of Singapore’s largest CO2-equivalent emitters. It releases 16% of total emissions (sourced from csc.gov website). We are encouraged to use public transport or , and transit to a cleaner-energy vehicle population. Can we reduce Singapore’s land transport carbon footprint and push for a greener future? Let’s find out what HappyDotters think and feel about greener transport.

We are glad to  share that more than 50% of HappyDotters believe that they can make a difference to Singapore’s environmental footprint through their choice of transport. But, how likely are they to switch from owning a personal vehicle to other modes of transportation (i.e. scrap or selling current vehicle) in the next 10 years?

Slightly less than half (42.6%) of HappyDotters responded that they are likely to stop owning a personal motor vehicle  and switch to taking a public bus, MRT/LRT or use private-hire cars such as Grab, Gojek and etc. The rest of the 57.4% will continue to own a motor vehicle as they find that it is more convenient than taking public transport.

There are many ways to embrace greener transport options. Most vehicles on the road are currently powered by Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). There are newer options in the market, such as Electric Vehicles (EVs) which are completely powered by electricity from a rechargeable battery, and other Hybrid forms of EVs: that have both a petrol/diesel engine and an electric battery.

What is the likelihood of HappyDotters who currently own a motor vehicle switching to hybrid, all-electric EV options and etc?

With more options in the market for vehicles, there is no reason for one to not opt for greener mode of transportation. 32.4% of HappyDotters will most likely purchase a hybrid next rather than an All-Electric vehicle at 19%. Hybrid is also more environmentally friendly than traditional petrol/ diesel vehicles, as responded by HappyDotters.

We are optimistic that Singaporeans are working towards embracing a greener transport and ensuring this little red dot is a liveable and sustainable city.

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