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Mental and physical health are important components of our overall well-being.  This month, we are focusing on something very dear to us – our health. Chill out and read on to find out how Singaporeans feel for the past one month and more!

More than half of Singaporeans feel happy for half or more of the time (68%) while less than half (42%) actually feel stressed out for half or more in the past one month. While this is encouraging to note, however, more can still be done to reduce stress levels for ourselves.


For many Singaporeans (44%), family has proven to be the topmost reason for their happiness and this is not surprising. Our family provides the necessary mental and emotional support, be it in good or bad times. On the other hand, Career was the main cause of Singaporeans feeling stressed out at 39%.

Apart from taking care of our emotional and mental health, we should also not overlook our physical health. After all, our mind and body are essentially connected. We conducted a poll to see how Singaporeans fare are in some of the daily activities.

On a positive note, Singaporeans are quite healthy as less than 20% of Singaporeans have difficulty talking while performing activities such as taking the stairs, slow jogging, and sit-ups/push-ups/pull-ups.  Singing proved to be a little bit more challenging when taking the stairs (43%), slow jogging (35%) and doing sit-ups or pull ups.

Earlier this year, Sports Singapore and Health Promotion Board (HPB) launched a revised set of national physical activity guidelines to encourage Singaporeans to participate in different activities and be less sedentary. People aged 18-64 years old are recommended to get 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week.

 According to the wise words of Gandhi, “It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver” So let’s work towards better mental and physical health for ourselves today!

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