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As travel restrictions are slowly lifted, more Singaporeans are warming up to the idea of travelling again.

Buckle your seatbelts as we explore What Singapore Thinks about travelling today!

When deciding on a country to travel to, most Singaporeans (72%) are mindful of their budget. Ensuring that the country is safe to travel to is of second most importance, while the places of attractions offered trail closely behind.

Surprisingly, less than half of Singaporeans polled (45%) has plans to travel this year! For those who weren’t keen to travel just yet, most of them (31%) cited that it was because they were unsure of the necessary travel requirements (e.g., Covid-19 test, quarantine). 

Regardless, what do Singaporeans’ ideal travel vacation comprise of?

An ideal vacation for Singaporeans consists of a self-planned, free-and-easy trip with friends and family, flying with a national airline, residing in hotels, and exploring new cities!

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