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Happy Total Defence Day!

Phishing scams have been making waves on our sunny island lately. This month, let’s examine What Singapore Thinks about phishing.

In our recent survey conducted in January 2022, only 1 in 5 Singaporeans are aware that Singapore currently has not 5, but 6 pillars of defence.

The 6th and newest pillar, Digital Defence, was added to Singapore’s Total Defence Framework since 2019.

Next, Singaporeans were asked if they were able to identify phishing scams.

About 3 in 5 Singaporeans were confident that they can spot a scam when they see one 😲

To put their digital defence to the test, Singaporeans were made to take a short quiz in the same survey conducted in January 2022.

How many have managed to identify the scams successfully?

Most Singaporeans (49.4%) failed to identify phishing scams successfully 😱

Did you manage to get them right?

Regardless, we should always remain vigilant – scammers are working hard to find other ways to con us as we speak!

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