On this month’s Quick Polls , let’s take a look at the difference between cleaning and organising!

For a start, we conducted a poll on what people think comes first…

It was a close fight, but majority thinks that cleaning comes before organising!

To us, it’s like a chicken and egg situation – it’s impossible to decide which of the above actions will happen first. Nevertheless, both cleaning and organising go hand in hand to help us declutter our lifestyle!

Which do you prefer?

None of the above
Based on 244 people polled as of 30 Dec 2019.

More than half of those who responded would choose organising over cleaning.

This may be because organising involves one’s emotions and is much more personal as we sort out the clutter in our homes or offices! On the other hand, cleaning simply means using products to get rid of the dirt and dust.

No matter which you prefer, we should always aim to keep our homes and offices clean and clutter-free. Did you know that clean homes and organised spaces help to improve our happiness levels?

Let’s start decluttering today 😊

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