“Study hard to get a good job!” Does this sound familiar to you?

Since young, we were often told so by our parents. Back then, it was assumed that what’s covered in school would equip us for working life.

In this month’s Quick Polls,  let’s find out what people feel about what they studied in school!

6 out of 10 (64%) people we polled felt that what they studied in school is not applicable to their work.

One reason could be the fast-changing nature of work today. With the speed of technological advancements, disruptions at the workplace and a pandemic to upset familiar processes, it is no wonder that skills picked up in school might lose their applicability on the job.

How then, do we equip ourselves for a constantly changing workplace? One way is to attend trainings/courses!

Aside from work/school, do you enrol yourself in part-time training courses to upgrade your skills?


Based on 292 people polled as of 30 September 2021

About half we polled (52%) have enrolled themselves in part-time training courses to upgrade their skills.

It is encouraging to see Singaporeans taking the initiative to stay relevant at work – a sign of their willingness to adapt and improve with the changing times. ‘Keep learning to keep things fresh’ may be a good mantra to guide us through our journeys at work! 😊

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