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Singapore is on a fast-track towards becoming a Smart Nation by introducing various digital initiatives to the city – from services such as E-Payments to urban living and even transport.

We’ve touched on E-Payments previously. So, this time, let’s take a drive through What Singapore Thinks about driverless vehicles!

Scroll down even if you couldn’t “car-less” 😉

Have you heard about Driverless Vehicles?

Driverless vehicles that run on electricity may soon become the norm in the next 5 years.

In our latest HappyDot.sg survey, we found out that 46% of Singaporeans have gotten wind of driverless cars, while 31% of Singaporeans have learnt of driverless buses.

When questioned about whether they’re keen on the idea of driverless vehicles, Singaporeans were in a dilemma. 40% voiced that they were supportive of this idea, 40% were neutral, while the other 30% were unfavourable towards this initiative!

Driverless Vehicles: Pros and Cons

One of the biggest concerns that Singaporeans have about driverless vehicles is the safety of riding in them. While the technology to enable a vehicle to complete a journey without human input might be advancing rapidly, producing a vehicle that can do so safely is another matter.

Meanwhile, the cost came out as the top benefit of driverless vehicles but is also one of the top 3 concerns for Singaporeans.

Given so many factors to consider when it comes to introducing driverless vehicles in Singapore, it is no wonder public acceptance remain on the fence.

Perhaps the public needs to be more involved in the introduction and adoption of driverless vehicles before more of us grow to become more open to this new technology.

There are plenty of schemes, grants and subsidies that we can tap into. However, many Singaporeans may not be utilising them as they may not be aware that they exist.

Therefore, it is important for us to understand the various schemes, so that we can support ourselves, or our aged loved ones better.

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