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We have all sat through exams, monotonous school schedules and did our fair share of homework. Are these contributing factors to students’ mental health? Do academic grades play a part in Singapore’s meritocratic system?

Read on to find out What Singapore Thinks about Singapore’s current education system!

Not surprisingly, more than half of Singaporeans (53%) feel that the current education system is focusing too much on examinations and grades, while 31% find it just right.

Other than the underlying issue of focusing on examinations and achieving good academic results, have you ever wondered what do Singaporeans think about the stress level of Singapore’s education system for parents and students?

More than three quarters of those polled feel that the current Singapore’s education system is very or quite stressful for parents (75%) and students (78%).

On 7 March 2022, the Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the removal of mid-year examinations for all primary and secondary school levels by 2023. The worries of many Singaporeans about having a stressful education system, a competitive culture among peers and defining academic success with the obsession with excellent academic grades have finally been heard. But some Singaporeans (especially parents) are feeling more anxiety than relief.

So, are you in favor or against this move?

47% of the Singaporeans applaud the removal of mid-year examinations for these levels and 23% do not agree with it, while 30% remain unsure about it.

For Singaporeans who think that it is a good idea to remove the mid-year examinations, they feel that student’s capabilities and achievements should not be defined by exams. It allows a better pace of learning and less stressful for them. There will also be more opportunities for students to discover their interests and strengths, with more focus on learning and lesser attention on academic grades.  On the other hand, the minorities who do not agree with the new move feel that exams serve as a checklist to access a student’s learning, allow self-discipline and drives motivation by taking charge of their own learning and aiding them in retention of knowledge and concepts.

The new changes might have skewed towards a lesser emphasis on academic results and better paced of learning process. Therefore, should we still be focusing on academic achievements or non-academic interests and skills development? Are you curious to find out What Singapore Thinks? We will be sharing this poll on our Facebook, so remember to LIKE our Facebook, and stay tuned for it!

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