Exploring Modern Expectations on Parenting Styles

How do you think parenting has changed from the 1970s?

While the days of stern discipline and authoritarian parenting style begins to fade, the new era of parents today take a significant shift to a softer, gentler, and yet more protective way in the approach and views on raising children in Singapore.

We delved in deeper to discuss how parenting styles differ and our HappyDotters gave us their point of view.

When asked how modern parenting practices differ from the 1970s to 1990s, HappyDotters tend to perceive that parenting styles have steered towards a more indulgent and emotional approach.

73.9% of HappyDotters think that parents are more inclined to spoil their children. Additionally, 67.6% noted that parents have the tendency to be more protective while 64.5% agree that they seem to be more attuned to their children’s emotional needs.  This can also be seen in the different love languages from Singapore parents based on the results you might have seen on our social channels.

Unlike the past, the expectations for parenting have seen to take a modern shift now.

The top 3 modern expectations of being a good parent today are effective communication (39.3%), open-mindedness (36.8%) and instilling good values (36.5%) to their children.

These insights underscore a shift towards a more nurturing, supportive, and holistic approach blending both modern and traditional parenting practices.

We also asked those who are parents on how they usually display their love to their child(ren). While a significant percentage of 77.9% expressed that they do so by ensuring their child’s basic needs are met, 74.4% show their love through words of affirmation and 69.9% through emotional support. These acts of love reflect the changing dynamics of parent-child relationships in modern times.

In exploring modern expectations on parenting styles, it’s evident that significant shifts have occurred since the 1970s. The survey reveals a departure from the strict, authoritarian approach of the past towards a more indulgent, emotionally attuned style today.

Moreover, the top modern expectations of being a good parent emphasize effective communication, open-mindedness, and instilling good values. These insights signify a blend of modern and traditional practices, reflecting a more nurturing and holistic approach to parenting in Singapore today.

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