Fans of the popular RPG Genshin Impact are in for a treat!

From 6 – 16 June 2023, receive 980 Genesis Crystals when you sign up with

If you are an existing HappyDotter, receive 980 Genesis Crystals on top of the usual referral points by referring 3 friends who are aged 15 – 19!

Referring is easy:

1️⃣Log in to your account. 

2️⃣ Select the ‘Happy Deals’ tab.

3️⃣ Choose ‘Refer-A-Friend’.

5 Scroll down and submit 3 of your friends’ names and email addresses.

5️⃣ Check the box indicating that you would like to opt-in for this Game-ON! Moment sign-up giveaway if you would like to receive 980 Genesis Crystals.* 

In turn, your friends will also get 980 Genesis Crystals and a $10 Welcome Voucher each upon successful registration**. What’s there not to love? Hurry refer your friends by 16 June 2023, 6pm.

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Steps to participate in the sign-up giveaway:

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This exclusive time-limited deal won’t be here for long, so hurry and sign up as a HappyDotter by 16 June 2023, 6pm. Don’t let this opportunity slip away! 🤩

* You are only eligible to receive 980 Genesis Crystals if all 3 of your referred friends are 15-19 years old and have completed the Welcome Survey and received their $10 Welcome Voucher in person from our courier.

** Referees must sign up using the link sent to their email from only. Referees will not be able to redeem the 980 Genesis Crystals if they do not sign up from the dedicated link sent.