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February has long been celebrated as the month of “romance”.

This year, let’s put aside the flowers and gifts, and take a look at What Singapore Thinks about gender equality!

Gender Equality – Roles in the Family

For starters, majority agreed that both men and women should be equally responsible when it comes to fulfilling the different roles in the family! The only exception is that many think that the responsibility of doing household repair and maintenance works still falls on the males’ shoulders.

When asked to choose between focusing on their family or their career, here’s what Singaporeans answered!

Seems like being able to care for our family at home is much closer to our hearts than building our careers – and this is especially so for females!

Gender Equality – at Work

Generally, 56% of Singaporeans think that gender equality has improved in Singapore’s society over the last 20 years!

But when it comes to the workplace, how many of us have been treated unfairly due to gender differences?

Thankfully, majority have not been treated negatively at work due to their gender. However, about 1 in 5 Singaporeans are still experiencing workplace discrimination.
Nevertheless, with an increased focus on gender issues globally and nationally, the future for a gender-equal society sure looks hopeful!

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