The heat wave we’re now experiencing is a sign that climate change has hit home. What are Singaporeans doing on a personal level to help our ever warming earth? Let’s look at some of their ‘green practices’ in this month’s Quick Polls!

It’s heartening that the majority of those we polled (86%) use reusable bags when doing their shopping. With more retail stores charging for bags, perhaps more people will start adopting the good habit of ‘bringing your own bag’.   

How do you sort out your rubbish at home?

Use different containers for different waste categories (e.g. food compost, recyclables)
I don't sort my rubbish

Based on 287 people polled as of 31 May 2022

Only 4 out of 10 (41%) of those we surveyed sort out their waste at home, indicating that there’s some room for improvement in this area. Nevertheless, it’s encouraging that Singaporeans are doing their bit for a cleaner and greener world. With growing awareness on climate change and a national effort to tackle it[1], hopefully more will adopt green habits and make loving our earth part of their everyday life 😊!

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