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21st July is a day whereby Singapore celebrates racial harmony! This day also commemorates the 1964 Racial Riots, reminding us that it is important to maintain racial and religious harmony in Singapore.

This month, let’s have a glimpse at What Singapore Thinks about racial prejudice!

Singapore - A Multiracial Society

82% of Singaporeans have at least 1 close friend that is of a different race from them.

Having friends of different races presents new experiences and broader perspectives, which further deepens our identity as a multiracial society!

We may be rich in racial diversity, but…

Majority of Singaporeans have not heard about casual racism.

It refers to behaviour based on racial prejudice or stereotypes. Even if it is unintentional, they can still be hurtful or make people feel excluded.

More than half of Singaporeans have witnessed their family and friends engaging in acts of casual racism before.

Racial harmony takes more than just a single day to be nurtured. It is born out of mutual respect and understanding for each other’s backgrounds and traditions.

By refraining from engaging in acts of casual racism, we can all play our part in making Singapore a more inclusive society for all races!

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