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Do schools prepare students for the real world? What are some important qualities of a good job? What about company loyalty, can eat one?

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Do schools prepare students for the real world?

For starters, 47% of Singaporeans think that local tertiary schools (i.e., polytechnics and universities) have prepared students to join the workforce.

However, upon closer scrutiny, it seems that local tertiary schools do not help students to develop most job skills that are invaluable in today’s workplace.

What is a Good Job?

As we eventually graduate from schools and enter the working world, what are some important qualities Singaporeans think a good job should have?

Naturally, having a comfortable pay, work-life balance, and enjoyable company culture come together to form the holy trinity of what a good job entails.

With or without these 3 important qualities, do Singaporeans think that there is company loyalty these days?

At a glance, it appears that the younger generation believes in company loyalty more. As we age, this sentiment starts to fall.

Sad to say, the majority (66%) thinks that there is no such thing as company loyalty. An absence of job security emerged as the top reason for those who thought so.

On the other hand, subscribers of company loyalty reasoned that there are many companies out there that nurture good culture and people.

No matter which side you’re on, do continue to press on at whatever you’re doing! You’re doing just great and we’re proud of you just for being here 🙂

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