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Did you know? 2022 is dedicated as the year of celebrating SG families. But exactly how close and tightly knit are our SG families?

How often do you have a meal with your family

While there is an existing national campaign of Eat With Your Family Day (EWYFD) which was introduced in 2003 to encourage employers to allow employees to leave work earlier to have a meal with their family and children, it is heartening to note that 80.7% of Singaporeans actually dine with their family at least once a week, campaign notwithstanding.

Additionally, the two groups of people that came out tops from the question on how much time Singaporeans spend doing activities with outside of school/work are not surprisingly their Partner (Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend) at 63.7% and Parents at 48.6%. Spending time with Friends came in at a far third at 34.7%.

Check out too who Singaporeans turn to when they are faced with important life decisions and need emotional support.

How much emotional support I get from my immediate family

It is not surprising that immediate family members are our pillars of support, with 68.5% of our respondents indicating so.

First person you would turn to if you need advice on important life decisions

62.2% of our respondents also indicated that their Partner (Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend) and Parents are their go-to person when seeking advice on important life decisions.

It is evident that family ties are strong amongst Singaporeans.

As a Burmese proverb goes “In time of test, family is best.”

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