Money-saving Hacks: Onboard Singapore’s Public Transport

From our delicious variety of food to our clean and secure surroundings, living in Singapore brings with it many benefits that we can all enjoy. One aspect that tends to be overlooked, however, is the quality of our public transport system. Often, we notice breakdowns and train faults, not realising how efficiently they transport us to our desired places. In fact,’s online survey in Singapore revealed that 66% of participants consider public transport to be their main form of transport this year.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) also conducted a study that compared trends in public transport fares across cities, taking concessionary fares, fare affordability and fare revenue per passenger kilometre into consideration. The result? Singapore was revealed to be the second most affordable city for public transport across 12 major cities! Continuously improving our transport system is an important priority. US-based travel website, Far & Wide ranked Singapore’s public transport system top in the world, surpassing other cities including London and Hong Kong.

Commuter Satisfaction Over the Years    

In another survey conducted by the Public Transport Council, it was revealed that commuters became more satisfied with Singapore’s public transport in 2018. The satisfaction score rose to 7.9 (out of 10), from 7.7 in 2017. This was the fourth consecutive improvement since 2014. also conducted a survey in Singapore which showed that 68% of participants enjoy taking public transport. 

Money-saving Hacks

Though Singapore has one of the developed world’s more affordable public transport systems, Singaporeans still enjoy saving money at the end of the day. Here are some money-saving hacks that you can use the next time you take public transport.

Tap into stations before 7.45am

For those who struggle to get up early for work or school, perhaps this incentive will kickstart the habit of rising early. Did you know that tapping into MRT stations before 7.45am gets you $0.50 off your MRT fare? If your fare is $0.50 or less, then it’s free! Not only do you get to enjoy subsidised fares, you also get to reach school or work early! This gives you an early start, allowing you to get more done within the day.

A Survey in Singapore showed 68% Participants Enjoyed Public Transport

Convert your EZ-Link card to a cashback credit card

With regards to the current affairs in Singapore’s transport systems, the Land Transport Authority’s SimplyGo scheme, enables commuters to use their contactless bank cards, Mastercard and Visa cards as an EZ-link card. This opens up a new way for Singaporeans to earn cashback and snag extra credit card rebates. There are a variety of credit cards and each card offers different rebates. Hence, it is best to select the card that you believe is most applicable for your lifestyle.

Consider a concession card

If you’re not yet eligible for a credit card, fret not! Concession cards allow you to  enjoy unlimited travel on MRTs and buses monthly. The adult concession card costs $128. Over 1 in 2 Singaporeans enjoy concessionary fares. Although paying one lump sum per month may not be ideal for most people, it can be more worth it in the long run. The trick is to calculate your monthly transport expenses. If it exceeds $128 (for adults), using a concession card may be a better option for you to save more! 

Download EZ-link rewards app  

The EZ-Link app rewards customers for using EZ-Link for public transport rides, retail or vending purchases, ERP and car park payments. By downloading the app and linking your EZ-link to your account, you can earn reward points for every EZ-Link transaction. These points can be accumulated and used to redeem exclusive deals and discounts at certain F&B outlets!

Download WINK+ app

SMRT’s WINK+ app allows you to earn WINK+ points by tapping in and out of MRT stations and scanning WINK+ QR codes displayed at MRT stations. These points can be exchanged for e-vouchers which you can use at participating F&B and shopping outlets.

So, the next time you take any public transport in Singapore, remember to consider trying some of these money-saving hacks to fully maximise your commuter experience!  

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