The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic seems to have passed in Singapore, with minimal restrictions in place and life inching back to normal. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s take a look at how Singaporeans are leading their lives post-pandemic.

A significant 44% of those we surveyed always wear their mask even in places which do not require them to do so. The remaining 56% are taking a more relaxed approach, either wearing their mask only if it is crowded or not wearing it at all. This shows that Singaporeans are still fairly cautious, aware that COVID has not left us but at the same time feeling less compelled to wear a mask in the current climate where the spread of the virus is within control.

Are you travelling more than before the pandemic?


Based on 209 people polled as of 30 December 2022

The majority (6 in 10) are not travelling more than before the pandemic, which is expected, given that people are getting used to the new normal and may not be in a rush to travel more frequently. Hopefully the COVID situation worldwide improves so we can enjoy more interactions and meaningful connections 😊.

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