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Family has always been important to Singaporeans, and we are spending more time than ever with our families now – especially during this Circuit Breaker period.

So this month, let’s find out What Singapore Thinks about multi-generational households!

Multi-Generational Households, the Good and the Bad

Multi-generational households are defined as those consisting of 3 or more generations living under the same roof – and 15% of Singaporeans are currently living in such an arrangement!

Let’s begin by asking how many Singaporeans would actually want to live in one!

It’s heartening to see that more than a third of Singaporeans would rather live in multi-generational households!

While only 15% of Singaporeans are currently living in a multi-generational household, 35% of Singaporeans would prefer to live in one! This means, more Singaporeans would prefer to live in such an arrangement if given a chance to! 😊

Well, what are the reasons why Singaporeans have diverging views on whether they prefer to live in multi-generational households? 

Avoiding conflict and the importance of freedom tops the list for Singaporeans who would prefer not to live in such households!

On the other hand, those who lean towards living in multi-generational households believe that doing so will help strengthen family bonds and allow for aging family members to be cared for better. Living together brings them more joy and convenience! 😊

Regardless of our housing preferences, family makes up a significant role in our lives. And one thing’s for sure, the HappyDot Team appreciates each one of you HappyDotters in the HappyDot.sg family too!

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