The Benefits of a Multiracial Society

We are one united people, regardless of race, language or religion. This idea has been ingrained in Singaporeans from a young age, through reciting our pledge in school and celebrating Racial Harmony and National Day with our classmates. We have made significant progress in building a multiracial Singapore as compared to in the past, when there were conflicts among the different races. As we continue building bridges and harmony among different races, we will realise the benefits of living in a multiracial Singapore are bountiful.

Exposure to Different Cultures and Traditions

Multiracial Cultural Dance

Living in a multiracial society like Singapore encourages us to be exposed to many different beliefs, cultures, and traditions. By interacting with others from different races, we can broaden our horizons, build strong connections and foster deep friendships. Being exposed to different cultures and traditions provides us with the opportunity to perceive things from different perspectives. Additionally, being able to understand others’ beliefs and practices will help nourish our own personal growth. As such, we can learn to better appreciate the differences of a multiracial Singapore.

More Options for Delectable Cuisines

Having a Multiracial Society Adds More Choices For Cuisines

If you were to ask Singaporeans what they love about Singapore, “food” is likely the answer. Think of all the times you have gone out with friends or family. Isn’t food usually on the itinerary? Television shows featuring celebrities talking about Singaporean food are common. Even our latest 2021 National Day song featured animations of food as a representation of what makes Singapore so unique! With the wide range of food options here, it is no surprise that food has become one of the hallmarks of our multiracial nation.

Think of our local coffee shops and hawker centres. In order to cater to the different ethnic races and cultures, they serve a variety of food – from the famous Hainanese chicken rice to delicious satay and mouth-watering roti pratas. While catering towards different preferences, we get to enjoy a greater selection of food! Currently, a popular food trend is the fusion of foods from different cultures. For instance, salted egg pratas, chilli crab pasta, and satay burgers are some examples of popular fusion foods that Singaporeans have come to love. 

Empowers Creativity and Innovation

Living in a multiracial society means interacting with people who have habits, ideas and lifestyles different from our own. Creativity thrives in such an environment. The combination of different perspectives, talents and skills stimulates innovative thinking. 

Diversity of thought has been shown to breed creativity, solve problems and meet customer needs in new ways. The variety of experiences among teams can give colleagues fresh views at the workplace. This not only helps businesses but also the nation’s economy.

Ease in Breaking Language Barriers

If you’re thinking of learning a new language, living in a multiracial society like Singapore makes the learning journey much smoother – especially if that language is Tamil, Mandarin or Malay. Due to our diversity, finding a language buddy or someone to practice conversing with makes learning easier. 

As these languages are taught in schools as mother tongue subjects, it becomes even easier to get help and advice from teachers. Moreover, our multiracial heritage has birthed a unique language – Singlish, an extension of English that fuses dialect and the Malay language. This is something all Singaporens are familiar with and is a  common ground that brings us even closer as a community and nation.

These are just some of the many benefits we get to enjoy as a multiracial Singapore.  As long as we continue to accept, appreciate and embrace each other’s cultures and traditions, the more united we will be in the long run.

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