In a blink of an eye, 6 months have flown by since Singapore’s Circuit Breaker (CB) period ended.

Let’s take a brief visit at what people thought about the CB period in this month’s Quick Polls!

The majority of those who participated in this poll miss the CB period – and so do we!

But do we want to experience it again?

Guess not!

During the two months of CB, Singaporeans were forced to spend a lot of time at home. Did you know that many picked up an interest in ?

Do you think that the Circuit Breaker period made you more creative/adventurous?

Based on 187 people polled as of 31 December 2020.

3 out of 5 who responded found that they grew more creative or adventurous during the CB period.

With time taken off commuting to and fro the office/school, we had more time on our hands to indulge in things that we have never tried before!

Although measures in Singapore have been relaxed during the recent Phase 3 announcement, let’s not take things for granted.

To avoid entering yet another “lockdown”, do remember to use the TraceTogether token/app to facilitate contact tracing within the community and continue practicing safe distancing measures!

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