“Rice to meat you!” said the rice to the chicken at the hawker stall. Jokes aside, other than chicken rice, there is something for everyone at hawker centres. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s explore how Singaporeans feel about our hawker culture!


Conveniently found all around Singapore, hawker centres provide a quick fix for local food. Even with the abundance of other dining options, a significant 6 in 10 (61%) of those we polled eat at hawker centres at least once a week.

Despite its popularity, there are concerns over the rising cost of hawker food.

Do you think that Singapore's hawker culture is cheap?

Yes, it is affordable.
No, I feel that hawker food is becoming too expensive.

Based on 276 people polled as of 28 Apr 2023

1 in 2 (54%) of those we surveyed felt that hawker food is becoming too expensive.

It is understandable that hawker food prices are rising due to rising costs of raw ingredients. Even with the rising prices, it’s heartening to see that many still visit hawker centres and hopefully this support would ensure the longevity of our unique hawker culture 😊

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