Singapore poised to be a popular destination for live concerts

Will you be attending the upcoming Coldplay and Taylor Swift concerts in Singapore?

With live concerts in Singapore experiencing significant growth post-pandemic, the appeal of live performances by international artists are undeniably strong among Singaporeans. 

When asked about their artists preferences when they watch a concert, HappyDotters significantly chose international artists over local artists. Out of the Singaporeans who will pay to attend live concerts, 31.9% chose Western artists, 28.5% chose Chinese and Taiwanese artists and 15.4% chose Korean artists. Evidently from how Taylor Swift and Coldplay added additional concert dates and even sold out on all dates in our small country, this highlights the influence international stars have on Singapore’s concert culture.

Almost 40% agree that concert organisers should reserve tickets only for Singaporeans. On the flip side, 25.0% disagree, while 35.4% are on the fence. The ongoing discussion revolves around the question of whether organizers should prioritize local fans when it comes to snagging those highly sought-after concert tickets or welcoming a diverse audience from around the world.

Some Singaporeans who did not manage to secure tickets to watch their favourite artists live might resort to alternative ways to get tickets.  Find out more on Singapore’s live concert and its ticketing situation from here!

Many HappyDotters expressed concerns about purchasing tickets from unofficial online channels like Carousell or Twitter due to recent cases of such scams happening in Singapore. According to the survey, 70.2% were wary of potential scams, and 57.9% found the price markups unreasonable while 48.9% of them were against supporting scalpers. This shows a growing awareness of the risks associated with purchasing concert tickets from scalpers seeking to exploit buyers.

With the limited number of tickets available, fans are going to great lengths to secure them.

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