Singaporeans’ Perception of Ageing

Ageing is a natural biological process for everyone. As life expectancy rises in Singapore with the advancements in healthcare and improved living conditions, so does the concerns about growing old gracefully. But what are Singaporeans’ take on ageing? We delved into their minds to find out more.

Retirement emerged as the most common association with ageing (83.0%) and is being seen as a big stage in one’s life. This is followed closely by the declination of physical health (80.9%) and changes in appearance (54.2%), suggesting that respondents are concerned about staying healthy and how they’ll look as they age. Meanwhile, some worry about their cognitive thinking skills getting worse over time (48.4%). Additionally, 47.1% of HappyDotters view ageing as a golden era of bliss!

HappyDotters selected poor health (80.0%), memory declination (49.5%) and having to depend on others (48.6%) as their top 3 concerns of old age. This shows that Singaporeans are generally the most concerned about staying healthy and being able to take care of themselves as they grow old.

While many associate retirements with old age, results reveal that actual concerns arose from health, as majority are worried about their well-being compared to financial issues.

As the old saying goes – Health is wealth! When asked on how HappyDotters are taking care of themselves as they age; 53.2% would eat healthily, 50.8% would choose regular exercise and 48.3% mentioned that they monitor their health by going for health check-ups and taking supplements.

Indeed, “Health starts from within”, and this is evident from the proactive individual measures Singaporeans are taking to prevent deteriorating health.

Stay tuned to find out more about how these concerns relate to medical advancements today helping to “defy” ageing and what are Singaporeans’ perceptions on this.

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