Singaporeans’ Take on Defying Ageing:

Insights on Cosmetic Procedures

As Singaporeans live longer thanks to better healthcare and living conditions, the desire to combat ageing has led to a rise in cosmetic procedures. These treatments offer an alternative to enhance one’s appearance and confidence. Let’s explore Singaporeans’ views and their attitudes towards defying ageing through cosmetic interventions.

39.4% of respondents believe it is acceptable for others to undergo cosmetic procedures, though they wouldn’t do it themselves. Conversely, 30.4% think it’s perfectly fine and up to the individual. 25.1% do not find it acceptable at all, while 5.1% are fine with it as long as their close friends and family refrain from such procedures. This diversity underscores the complexity of societal attitudes towards cosmetic procedures.

Here are the top 3 motivations HappyDotters would consider or have gone for cosmetic procedures. 67.8% want to look their best while 65.1% wish to boost their self-confidence. This suggests that physical appearance is closely linked to confidence as people age. Interestingly, 17.7% believe that cosmetic procedures will help in their career prospects.

Out of 770 HappyDotters who mentioned they would never undergo cosmetic procedures, a significant 61.3% do not see the need to undergo such procedures to “defy” ageing. Additionally, concerns about the results appearing unnatural were highlighted by 48.6% of respondents, reflecting apprehensions about potential aesthetic outcomes. Unsurprisingly, the high costs of cosmetic procedures deter 45.7% of HappyDotters from undergoing them.

These findings highlight the complex mix of personal motivations and external factors influencing people’s decisions about ageing and beauty. By exploring these insights, we gain a clearer picture of how willing individuals are to adopt medical advancements to remain youthful.

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