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Cashless payments are on the rise, but what do Singaporeans think of it?


This month, let’s have a look at What Singapore Thinks about cash and cashless payments!

Generally, while most Singaporeans may be okay with both payment methods, cashless payment has an edge over cash!

Cashless Payment at Hawker Centres – Yes or No?

Given our love for good local food at hawker centres and kopitiams, do Singaporeans think that it is important for these places to provide cashless payment methods?

As Covid-19 fast-tracked Singapore’s digitalisation efforts, it is not surprising that the majority (53%) think that it is important for our local hawker centres and coffeeshops to offer cashless payment methods!

However, 36% didn’t think that it is an important feature while the remaining 11% were indifferent.

Interestingly, supporters of each payment method consider their preferred choice to be more convenient than the other.

While we recognise that each payment method has itsown merits, we can say for sure that we’re gradually progressing towards a Smart Nation where going digital will be the new norm soon!

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