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For many of us, turning to games (be it online or offline) is an ideal break from our stressful reality.

Today, we zero in on What Singapore Thinks about gaming!

For starters, most Singaporeans (61%) do not consider themselves as a gamer as they do not play video games regularly. On that note, are we in favour of playing video games as a hobby?

Across the board, majority of Singaporeans approve video games as a hobby!

Upon closer scrutiny, the positive perception of video gaming as a hobby dwindles among older Singaporeans.

Now, how about gaming as a profession? Are you for or against the idea?

Interestingly, the perception of gaming evolves as times change. Most young adults and youths support gaming as a profession, while older Singaporeans tend to think otherwise.

Be that as it may, it is good to note that majority of Singaporeans (40% out of those who participated in this poll) are receptive towards and respect this “new” form of occupation!

We hope you’ve picked up a thing or two about Singaporeans’ perception on gaming! For more interesting insights on Gaming, pop by here.

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