The Grocery Shopping Habits in Singapore

What’s New in Grocery Shopping in Singapore?

Your input has given us a picture on the landscape of grocery shopping in Singapore, highlighting some key trends that are reshaping the way we all shop for household items for our home.

When it comes to grocery shopping, Singaporeans still prefer to get their groceries in supermarkets. Almost 2 in 5 preferred online grocery shopping, reflecting a change in lifestyles.

The joy of handpicking items, ensuring freshness, and the convenience of location are the top reasons that HappyDotters love to shop in supermarkets/ wet markets. It’s a testament to the importance of both the sensory and practical aspects of the shopping experience. While convenience and timesaving are paramount for online grocery shopping, the allure of exclusive online discounts and the flexibility to shop 24/7 add to the appeal.

Apart from the preferences of grocery shopping in Singapore, find out what other grocery shopping habits are impacted with the rising inflation here!

The grocery shopping landscape in Singapore is evolving rapidly, reflecting the changing needs and values of consumers. With the reported rising inflation, the number 1 shopping habit that Singaporeans have changed is focusing more on sales/promotions (83.4%), followed by limiting impulse purchases (78.0%) and reducing the purchase of non-essential products (77.7%).

The future promises more convenience, sustainability, and a stronger sense of community in our grocery shopping experiences. Grocery shopping preferences and habits will continue to evolve as technology helps to make the shopping experience more streamlined and convenient. With that said, being able to hand pick fresh produce is likely still an important aspect, so Singaporeans will likely still want to grocery shopping physically.

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