Towards Good Mental Health For All Singaporeans

October is World Mental Health Month, a time to raise awareness on mental health and well-being. Let’s have a look at HappyDotters’ take on mental health.

Most people feel that positive mental health means coping well with the normal stresses in life (76.8%). Given that our mental health also affects the way we function in our daily lives, Singaporeans feel it is just as important as having good physical health (70.5%). The effects of having a positive state of mind is not limited to oneself; being able to contribute positively to others is also a key component of having positive mental health (62.5%).

Family and friends are the first people Singaporeans turn to for support when life gets too challenging. This is not surprising, as it is those who are nearest and dearest to us who understand us best and are in a good position to help us get through our difficulties. It is interesting to note that 15.6% actually prefer not to turn to anyone for help. While the proportions who would make use of professional mental health services (5.2%) and turn to their community group (3.9%) for support are small, these are also good avenues for help.

Other than turning to others for support, what do Singaporeans do to alleviate stress?

Chilling at home (60.1%) is Singaporeans’ top choice for relieving stress. Given that one of Singaporeans’ favorite pastimes is eating, it’s no surprise that having a good meal (47.4%) came in second. In third place was watching a show or movie (45.3%), which allows one to divert attention from the source of stress. Other popular and healthy ways of relieving stress include exercise (44.7%) and spending time with family (42.0%).

Life has its challenging moments. When things get too overwhelming, it’s good to know that Singaporeans have reliable sources for support and healthy ways to relieve stress. What is of concern is those who need help but choose to keep to themselves. Hopefully, as awareness on the importance of mental health increases, more will find it easier to talk about mental health issues and we can all make progress to improve our mental well-being.

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