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Today’s children are tomorrow’s future.

Let’s take a look at What Singapore Thinks about their childhood and the children of today!

Our childhood experiences help shape our lives and this includes the type of games that we play! Earlier in August 2019, we asked what your favourite childhood games are and here are the results!


It seems like playing catch and hide-and-seek have caught the hearts of Singaporeans!

However, as technology advances, the games that children play today have evolved to centre on electronic devices as well.

An overwhelming 84% of Singaporeans agree that children today should cut down on their use of gadgets! Let’s aim to play less video games and head out instead!

Childhood Then and Now may be different – but whose is better?


Majority felt that their childhood was better – well, no surprise there!

It’s safe to say that regardless of age – young or old, people remember their childhood memories fondly :’)

We hope you’ve learnt something new! Take an occasional break from your devices and treat yourself to a healthy dose of news of What Singapore Thinks!

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