Climate change is slowly spiralling into a climate crisis. Let’s review what people think might be the cause of this issue in this month’s Quick Polls!

Rising daily temperatures on Earth is a growing concern for us – and 81% of the people who took part in this poll think that this is primarily a result of human activities!

Humans are the leading cause of the Earth’s rapidly changing climate, , but we can also step up our game in the fight against climate change!

Do you use recycle bags when you do your shopping?

– sent in by HappyDotter Fabian

Yes 61%
No 39%
Based on 287 people polled as of 30 Mar 2020.

For instance, one simple way is to cultivate the habit of using reusable bags when shopping!

It’s good to see that the majority are adopting this environmentally friendly habit and we hope that more will do the same too!

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