Turn On Your Scam Radar!

The impact of scams can be earth-shattering, with some victims losing their life savings overnight. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s find out how people feel about scams in Singapore!

Crack That Scam Attack

Phishing scams have been making waves on our sunny island lately. This month, let’s examine What Singapore Thinks about phishing.

Is the food you eat safe for consumption?

A food paradise – that’s what many Singaporeans think of our sunny island! But before we fill our bellies with delicious food, it’s important to first make sure that what we’re eating is safe and hygienic.

Safe Nation, Smart Payment!

With the rise of online businesses and e-payment options over the last few months, coupled with the current Stay Home situation, Singapore has taken strides towards being a cashless, smart nation!

Data Privacy – Are you concerned?

From phishing to data leaks, Singaporeans have experienced their fair share of cyber-attacks in this digital era. Let’s take a look at What Singapore Thinks about data privacy!

Digital or Hard copies?

Quick Polls may come and go, but their results are now here to stay! From now on, you get to indulge in these fun-sized insights on selected Quick Poll results! We’ll be sharing these findings monthly so that they can leave a lasting footprint on HappyDot.sg (for you to see!) 😀 Previously on HappyDot.sg’s Quick […]