Digital Banking in a digital world

As Singapore progresses toward being a smart nation, the myriad technological advancements also signalled changes for the way we deal with money, resulting in the rise in popularity of digital banks. In this article, let’s find out what HappyDotters think about digital banking in the digital world.

Singaporeans on the Travel Rebound!

With the recent release in border restrictions and upcoming June holidays, many Singaporeans are raring to go travelling again in this month’s Quick Polls!

How to Practice Good Gaming Habits

man playing online game current affairs in singapore

With advancements in technology and digitalisation, online gaming has grown popular with a variety of games to enjoy – from massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) to first person shooters and more. While gaming can be fun and entertaining, it is also often associated with certain social issues such as addiction and increased violence. These […]

Is gaming good for you?

Playing games is a great way to unwind and bond with family and friends. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s find out how people feel about games!

Turn On Your Scam Radar!

The impact of scams can be earth-shattering, with some victims losing their life savings overnight. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s find out how people feel about scams in Singapore!

The Change Is Here: Going Cashless!

Cashless payments are on the rise, but what do Singaporeans think of it?
This month, let’s have a look at What Singapore Thinks about cash and cashless payments!

Thriving In The Digital Age – Are Singaporeans Tech-Savvy?


When the Smart Nation initiative was launched in 2014, the main goal was to utilise digital technologies to enhance the lives of Singaporeans. Through the formation of three pillars: Digital Government, Digital Economy, and Digital Society, many programmes were launched to improve service delivery through digital solutions. From mobile applications that allow you to access […]

A Smarter Nation For A Better Life!

We live in the age of the digital revolution, where rapid advancements in technology are transforming the ways we live, work and play. As such, the Singapore government has been leading the country to become a Smart Nation, where digital technologies are harnessed and used….