A greener transportation for sustainability

Transport is one of Singapore’s largest CO2-equivalent emitters. It releases 16% of total emissions (sourced from csc.gov website). We are encouraged to use public transport or active mobility, and transit to a cleaner-energy vehicle population. Can we reduce Singapore’s land transport carbon footprint and push for a greener future? Let’s find out what HappyDotters think and feel about greener transport.

A Green Way to Get Around

Singapore is a small country with a high population density and limited land area for vehicles. Hence, our public transport has to be convenient to allow people to commute smoothly and sustainably to minimize environmental pollution. In this month’s Quick Polls , let’s take a look at Singaporeans’ mode of payment for public transport and the ‘green’ ways in which they commute.

Are you ready to take flight?

As travel restrictions are slowly lifted, more Singaporeans are warming up to the idea of travelling again. Buckle your seatbelts as we explore What Singapore Thinks about travelling today!

Money-saving Hacks: Onboard Singapore’s Public Transport

Money-saving Hacks: Onboard Singapore’s Public Transport

From our delicious variety of food to our clean and secure surroundings, living in Singapore brings with it many benefits that we can all enjoy. One aspect that tends to be overlooked, however, is the quality of our public transport system. Often, we notice breakdowns and train faults, not realising how efficiently they transport us […]

Driverless Vehicles – A Miracle Or A Pickle?

Singapore is on a fast-track towards becoming a Smart Nation by introducing various digital initiatives to the city – from services such as E-Payments to urban living and even transport.