Family has always been an important priority for many Singaporeans[1]. Let’s look at Singaporeans’ relationship with their family in this month’s Quick Polls!


It’s heartening that the majority (6 out of 10, or 62%) often spend time with their family and 3 out of 10 (29%) do so sometimes. With the increasing pace of life here and many demands competing for our attention, time spent with our family is all the more precious and helps to strengthen our relationships with them.

Are you happy with your relationship with your family?

Very Happy
Somewhat Happy
Somewhat Unhappy
Very Unhappy

Based on 1170 people polled as of 30 June 2022

It’s great to know that a significant 9 out of 10 people we polled are either very or somewhat happy with their relationship with their family. Getting along daily with those closest to us brings not only happiness but also gives us a source of support during times of crises. Hopefully our families can continue to grow stronger, filling our lives with joy and meaning 😊!


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