With the recent release in border restrictions and upcoming June holidays, let’s take a look at how many Singaporeans are raring to go travelling again in this month’s Quick Polls!

Almost half (45%) of those we surveyed definitely want to travel this year, though there is still a sizeable 4 in 10 (40%) who are choosing to wait and see. Perhaps there is still some uncertainty about travel requirements as improvements in the pandemic situation are uneven across the world.

 Nevertheless, sentiments toward travelling again remain upbeat, with passport applications going up[1]!   

What do you miss most about travelling?

The Scenery
The Food
The Culture

Based on 267 people polled as of 4 May 2022

About half (51%) of those we polled cited scenery as the thing they missed the most about travelling. This was followed closely by food (41%). Part of the thrill of travelling is the exposure to new sights and flavours – the door to a world different from our own.

If you are planning a trip soon, we wish you an enjoyable time and safe travels!

[1] https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/transport/at-least-six-weeks-wait-for-new-singapore-passports-long-queues-at-ica-building

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