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What a year 2019 has been – our very own Facebook and Instagram pages are up and running, the website has gotten a spanking new look, and now this blog is dedicated to bringing you nuggets of information about our latest happenings and research findings here at HappyDot.sg!

For starters, how are our members finding the HappyDot.sg survey experience so far? It’s a really important question to us, considering that last year alone, Singapore residents spent the combined equivalent of nearly 318 days answering our polls! (One could’ve easily taken the train from Tuas Link MRT station to Changi Airport and back 2,293 times in that amount of time!)

To get to the bottom of that, we’ve been tagging on an additional question in some of our polls since mid-2018 to ask: Do you have any feedback about the survey? We’ve combed through literally tens of thousands of comments to date and here’s what we found.


Among the responses received, a good number of Singapore residents seized the opportunity to articulate their views about the survey topics on hand. From lighter topics (such as cultural trivia questions) to other weightier issues (e.g. reactions to recent changes in our education system), many of the comments were illuminating. Some applauded how things were going in Singapore, while others expressed their frustrations (yes, we read every single word of it!) .

We're humbled by the positive responses about HappyDot.sg…

Apart from topic-specific commentaries, we received more than two thousand entries where Singapore residents dropped a line or two about their positive experiences completing HappyDot.sg surveys. Lots of feedback centred around how you found the poll subjects interesting to how you liked that our surveys were simple to do. We’re immensely flattered, so thank you!

"Interesting survey! Helps to reflect on the values and necessity of serving NS"

…but we also know we can still do better.

We’re not about to get complacent, of course. Close to 1 in 20 of the responses were suggestions for improvements on HappyDot.sg, and we’d like to say this – we hear you! These were the biggest areas HappyDotters hoped we could address:

Topping this list was how we could have expanded on our question and answer options. Over here at HappyDot.sg, we try to hit that sweet spot between keeping our polls simple and yet asking enough to get the most out of Singapore residents’ opinions. As we approach 2020, we’re looking at better, more creative ways of gathering sentiments about the latest social issues, so do keep your eyes peeled.

Also, we get asked this a lot – why aren’t there more surveys? More points? Better rewards? From time to time, polls may be sent out to different groups of people based on the requirements of the research. So, the volume and type of surveys sent out may differ from person to person every now and then. We’re constantly finetuning these mechanics to serve you better, so do look out for our next survey invitation in your inbox, as well for any upcoming promotions!

Once again, we couldn’t be more grateful for your support. We hope you continue to do more polls (because your voices really matter), and keep the constructive feedback coming. Because here at HappyDot.sg, we’re all about understanding what Singapore thinks lah.

"I always look forward to receiving surveys from HappyDot… It’s not because of the rewards given but I simply love to share my views on the current topics that are being discussed in our country. At the least I know I’m not just sharing my opinion with my family but there are others like HappyDot too (that) are interested to hear from us. Thank you for having me in your surveys."

[1] In accordance with the ESOMAR (World Association of Opinion and Marketing Research Professionals) Market Research Guidelines, please be assured that all information provided on HappyDot.sg polls will be kept strictly confidential and analysed only at a total level – you will not be personally identified from your responses and this includes those who had their quotes presented here.
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