Digital Banking in a digital world

As Singapore progresses toward being a smart nation, the myriad technological advancements also signalled changes for the way we deal with money, resulting in the rise in popularity of digital banks. In this article, let’s find out what HappyDotters think about digital banking in the digital world.

The Next Generation: Digital Bank

In line with advances in technology and the global digital revolution, Singapore has been moving towards the digital path for several years now. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s take a look at one aspect of going digital – what Singaporeans think of digital banking.

Airport Hacks for a Safe and Enjoyable Travel Experience’s online survey in singapore

As travel measures continue to ease in Singapore, we can expect more Singaporeans to start travelling during this period.’s online survey in Singapore revealed that 45% of pollers will definitely travel this year, 40% will standby and evaluate the situation, while 15% are unlikely to travel within the next one to two years. Due […]