Singaporeans’ Perception of Ageing

Ageing is a natural biological process for everyone. As life expectancy rises in Singapore with the advancements in healthcare and improved living conditions, so does the concerns about growing old gracefully. But what are Singaporeans’ take on ageing? We delved into their minds to find out more.

Insights into The Singaporean Perspective: The Relationship Dynamics

In Singapore’s diverse and multicultural society, the dynamics of dating, relationship and marriage preferences have been shaped by various factors. This includes nationality, race, and cultural backgrounds. Let’s delve deeper into the views of HappyDotters on cross-cultural relationships and their preferences for cohabitation before marriage.

Food wastage, is it a problem?

Food is a necessity of life and a precious resource. As over 90% of our food supply is currently imported, we need to play our part in reducing food waste to strengthen Singapore’s food security. Food wastage is increasingly an issue in resource-scarce Singapore. Let’s find out how serious HappyDotters are on Food Wastage in Singapore.

Are you okay?

Mental and physical health are important components of our overall well-being. This month, we are focusing on something very dear to us – our health. Chill out and read on to find out how Singaporeans feel for the past one month and more!

Exams. Yay or Nay?

We have all sat through exams, monotonous school schedules and did our fair share of homework. Are these contributing factors to students’ mental health? Do academic grades play a part in Singapore’s meritocratic system?
Read on to find out What Singapore Thinks about Singapore’s current education system!

Singaporeans and their neighbourhoods

EDM Masthead August 2022

This month, we look at Singaporeans and their take on their neighbourhood. For a start, in the spirit of National Day, we asked what kind of Singapore would Singaporeans like to see in the future.

Are you ready to take flight?

As travel restrictions are slowly lifted, more Singaporeans are warming up to the idea of travelling again. Buckle your seatbelts as we explore What Singapore Thinks about travelling today!