Singapore poised to be a popular destination for live concerts

Will you be attending the upcoming Coldplay and Taylor Swift concerts in Singapore?
With live concerts in Singapore experiencing significant growth post-pandemic, the appeal of live performances by international artists are undeniably strong among Singaporeans.

Why Singlish Is Much Loved Among Singaporeans

Singlish is easily understood by most Singaporeans, regardless of linguistic proficiency. Used most often in informal settings, Singlish adds a touch of playfulness and humour to our conversations, allowing camaraderie to be built among those conversing. Finally, because it Incorporates elements from Singapore’s official languages, Singlish allows Singaporeans to express their cultural identity with pride.

Singapore’s fight against Climate Change

Climate change is no longer a distant concern but a serious issue that we cannot ignore. In recent years, global conversations surrounding climate change have gained momentum, prompting countries around the world to take proactive measures to mitigate its impact.

Hawker Culture: Yay or Nay?

From chicken rice to nasi lemak, hawker centres are recognised by Singaporeans as a place to get their quick fix of local food. This recognition of hawker culture extends beyond local sentiments, placing it on the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. In this article, let us find out the sentiments of HappyDotters about on hawker culture.

Singaporean’s Love Affair with Hawker Food

“Rice to meat you!” said the rice to the chicken at the hawker stall. Jokes aside, other than chicken rice, there is something for everyone at hawker centres. In this month’s Quick Polls, let’s explore how Singaporeans feel about our hawker culture!

The Evolution of Games

board games for social issues in singapore

Our world has become increasingly digitalised and this is especially prevalent in the gaming scene.

4 Easy Tips on how to Shop Online Safely!

4 Easy Tips on how to Shop Online Safely

Over the years, online shopping has continued to grow in popularity. Although this shift in consumer behaviour is largely due to the rise of digitalisation, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed many Singaporeans to make their purchases online and aggravated social issues in Singapore. Here’s a fun fact: e-commerce sales in Singapore are forecasted […]

This is Home, Truly~

As we celebrate our nation’s 55th birthday this month, what comes to mind when you think of Singapore? Is our country only known for being a clean & green city? Let’s find out what do people think best represents Singapore in this month’s Quick Polls! 54% of those who took part in this poll think […]